Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Prepare Your HVAC System for the Busy Holiday Season

We survived Halloween, and the temptation of leftover candy and the cleanup involved. Don't think you can sit down and relax just yet - there's Thanksgiving and Christmas to consider, and they'll be here before you realize it. You may have relatives over this year, or perhaps you're planning a quiet holiday with the family. Whatever your plans are, you need to ensure your home is safe and warm. Don't wait for the holiday crush to completely suffocate you before you realize you didn't have your HVAC system properly checked.

Winters in Virginia, especially in Hampton Roads, are unpredictable. This past weekend we saw highs in the 80s, and now we're shivering in short sleeves. You need to make certain your heating and cooling system is working regardless of the weather, and that means checking filters to see if they need changing and checking the coils to see if they are clean.

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